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Originally Posted by Dota2008 View Post
Hey guys im looking for some ideas on where to get gear for my vector costume. vector is one of the 4 Umbrella security service soldiers from the new RE Operation Raccoon City. heres a reference picture as to what he looks like. im on a tight budget so if you could link me to some sites that arent too pricey i would be greatful. i also do not have a surplus store near by so that is out of the question.

If you are going to make a vector cosplay, then you will need the following:
1. For starters I think the most important part of this cosplay is non other than the mask. Vector is clearly wearing an Avon S-10 respirator. You will find these at the best prices on eBay. For the best results, type in S10 mask or S10 respirator. From experience I have never gotten a mask for less than $70 SHIPPED. Or actually since you are on a really tight budget, you could buy the canadian C3 M69. It looks similar to the S10, but it is very down market. Now once you have the mask, you will need to put some blue window film on the mask's lenses (if you buy an S10, make sure you buy one with flat lenses- you won't get the accurate effect with the curved lenses). Then you will need to make the lenses light up somehow I think LEDS would be the best route. As you can see from this paragraph, the mask is really the most important thing.
2.The vest Vector wears is this
Now since you are on a budget, I would look down on this page and see the stand alone vest and buy the pouches and holster when you have the money or look else where.
3. From the looks of it Vector is wearing some kind of hoodie that goes below his waist. Also you will need make the pattern that appears on the sweat shirt.
4. In the pictures Vector is seen with a VP-70 and the kind of Knife Leon uses or you could buy the M4 seen in the other pictures. That you could get at several places
5. He has knee pads these will probably work
6. As for pants I say he wears black Fatigues
7. The boots don't exist so you will have to find a pair of boots that look similar and then modify those.
Hope this helps
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