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Name of Merchant: JoJo Wig
*Japan only
Items purchased: Alice Margatroid wig, Flandre Scarlet wig
Links to picture(s) of your items recieved: coming
Timeline (how long your order took to process): about a week

Pros: Both wigs are in the same nice, natural-looking muted platinum blonde. The curls are well-set and the wigs look more or less like those that appear in the sample images on the website. Wigs are of average size and fit my head well.

Flandre's wig is one of the few designed for the character that (wisely) doesn't incorporate a clip-on bunce for the longer piece of hair. Since the character wears a hat which doesn't exactly work with clip-in extensions... this is a much better idea and an easier wig to work out the logistics behind.

Both wigs are heat resistant.

Cons: Wigs appear slightly longer on the model wig heads than they are in reality. Alice's in particular is quite short and falls only barely past my jaw. It's still suitable for the character, but creates a much rounder look than the length it appears to be on the wig head used by the site.

The wigs are also rather cheaply made and, as a result, are about half as thick as more expensive Japanese-brand wigs. They're wefted in such a way that no bald spots are obvious, but around the ears, in particular, it's easy for real hair to poke out. They'll need to be pinned for event wear.

The wig caps included are black... not suitable for wear with platinum blonde wigs.

For non-brand wigs, they were ridiculously expensive. But since the Chinese wig companies won't accept Japanese bank transfers directly and I haven't got a credit card, I didn't have much choice but to go through these guys.

Final Comments: Too expensive, a little short and a bit thin... but lovely styles and lots of well-set curls appropriate for the characters in question.

Final Grade: B+

(I'm so pleased that I just ordered two more)
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