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beer + costumes
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I'm more panicked about my thesis! I'm turning in a second draft today, which hopefully will give my professors enough time to proofread and then leave enough time for me to do the final round of revisions and turn it in right before heading off to costume con!

Costumes are good, though. The saxon gown needs lint rolling like woah (damn you velvet!), and I do need to make a few minor repairs to the Zelda costume--I wore it to a tabletop RPG tournament as a test drive, and became aware of a few things that need fixing. Not looking like I'll have the pointy ears, though. I think it's cutting it too close to count on getting them shipped in time, and I really should spend the money on something more important. Like my medication. Or groceries.

Oh, crap, I also need to get a ride to the airport! eeeeek
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