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Sorry, I didn't know wether to put this in the lolita forum or not xD
so yeah.

It's weird the older I get the more obessed with cute things I become!
I've always loved Kawaii-Decora. Its just so CUTE!

a shop on ebay called Refuse to be Usual has a lot of deco things. & loli and goth too.
Are there any other stores online that specialize in kawaii-decora fashions?

As for not online shopping, Hot Topic seems to have become more "cuter" than it once was. Eventho I wouldn't sugguest it as a place to buy deco from, they do have some deco things. Mostly necklaces xD

Claires has some really cute jewerly, tho i think most of the stuff in Claires is targeted at young girls. Then theres Sanrio[if its near you], how can HK NOT be deco material?

do you know where I can find a good deco blog too?

anyway, thanks so much<3
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