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Name of Merchant: ayanamisatoru (greatarchy09)
Items purchased: Hetalia Axis powers France cosplay wig
Links to picture(s) of your items recieved: Here and here, though understand the wind is blowing in those pix, so it looks... you know, windy.
Timeline (how long your order took to process): Bought off eBay on 4/06/2011 and it delivered on 4/20/2011

Pros: Its a very nice, soft wig. The style is exactly how it was pictured (for the most part). It was actually a rather large wig, too. I have a small head, so I had to put the clips on the tightest settings to get it to fit. No problem for me, but I know this is good news for the rest of the western world (my head is tinyyyyy).

The shipping was pretty quick, too. Two weeks exactly to get here, while the estimated date for it to arrive was sometime next week. Gotta love fast shipping.

Cons: This seems like a lot more than it is xDD;;

When it arrived, the hair seemed to be... I don't know, crunched together? Like hairspray or something. Due to that, I was scared to brush it out for fear the curls would be killed. I had to wear it that first photoshoot without ever brushing it out, too scared. Afterwards, since the wind tanlged it, I HAD TO brush it. And the curls stayed. Oh. Well fuck. xDD;; So the curls do stay if you brush it out, I just wish I'd known that before.

Nextly, the bangs are a bit different than they are in the picture. In the picture, they seem to 3D stick out a bit (just like my Italy wig from the same seller did). But these bangs just... wouldn't do that. They weren't styled the same way at the base, so they just kinda fell in my face. Not really a problem, since it looked good that way, but still something to keep in mind.

And the color of the wig isn't exactly right. I had the same problem with my Italy wig. The color is a bit more vibrant in person. The color of the France wig appears to be a tame blonde, when really the fibers are a bright yellow mixed with white to give it a more tame look. So really, just know it'll be a bit brighter in person. My Italy wig was the same way, appearing way more red in person. Neither are really a problem, considering the characters themselves are more vibrant, it just doesn't look as natural as you think it would.

Lastly, and this isn't really the seller's fault... I had issues with the tracking. I live in San Francisco. So I'm used to packages arriving here as soon as they hit the US. Like, tracking says it left Hong Kong, then it arrives in San Francisco usually about 5 days later. Well, for some odd reason, this hit New York instead. Thats NEVER happened to me before. Then it stayed in New York for a week before hitting here. Very very strange.

Also, the price on the wig could have been better. Considering its pretty much just a shoulder length, blonde wig with waves in it. But you know, its pretty, so I don't mind the price xDD;;

Final Comments: TL;DR: Beautiful wig, the bangs aren't as fluffy as I thought they'd be, and the color is more vibrant. But its still beautiful and worth the money spent.

Final Grade: A-
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