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Character commissioned and series/video game America from Hetalia axis powers revolutionary war variant

15-25 day order took two months

I ordered a revolutionary war variant of Hetalia's America from fm-anime from a friend who is a experienced cosplayer. Liked the price of it at the time and I figured I'd give her a go so I ordered it hoping it get here by a con that was coming dice folks my cosplay came after 2 months after ordering it. Communication was somewhat sluggish, I had to have a friend find for me a alternate way to get ahold of her. She was nice though and put my head at ease times I asked about the cosplay. When it finally got here, I loved the quality, but putting it on...IT WAS SMALL ON ME! due to the wrong measurements I gave. Only got one message and no help with my cosplay top (cosplay only came with the top, no pants) and now currently stuck with a small cosplay i'm trying to sell. I won't go back to.

Final Grade: D
Cosplays for 2011

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America From Hetalia Axis Powers and Revolutionary War America (NDK 2011)
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