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Originally Posted by ten_again View Post
Kookookachoo: Wow, Pippin’s Gondorian armor seems like a very daunting exercise.
Are you going for the formal or the battle version of this costume?

Excellent handle by the way! I am sort of expecting you to cosplay the Wallrus next.
late reply is late.
But yeah, I'm doing the battle armor. It's not too bad :) I have the cape and black tunic almost done. The only real tricky things at the moment seem to be the maille and leather arm bracers/sword holsters. But I'll just be doing chain sleeves out of PVC piping and attatching it so it wont be too complicated.
And lol, yes, that needs to happen now

PsychoGit: Legolas is such a win! Can't wait to see that :D
AAC'10 This will be my very first con! :D
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