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Originally Posted by Axelai View Post
Lastly, and this isn't really the seller's fault... I had issues with the tracking. I live in San Francisco. So I'm used to packages arriving here as soon as they hit the US. Like, tracking says it left Hong Kong, then it arrives in San Francisco usually about 5 days later. Well, for some odd reason, this hit New York instead. Thats NEVER happened to me before. Then it stayed in New York for a week before hitting here. Very very strange.
Many are re-routing to avoid Japan air due to the radiation issues. There have been instances of planes landing in the states that flew near Japan that set off the radiation detectors. A friend of mine works in the distribution and told me about the issue while I was discussing wigs taking longer to get to me from China. Her company has factories in China and told me about the re-route.
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