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Originally Posted by PsychoGit View Post
1. Do you cosplay as certain characters from the book/the movies, or do you have an OC?
I'm actually working on a Legolas cosplay now! I'm so extremely excited, though this is gonna be my toughest costume yet!
2. What got you into the fandom and when did you start cosplaying from it?
Honestly, the movies. I don't care what other fans say, we're all nerds in the end. I'm no lesser of a fan because of where I started.
3. The movies - what do you think? Great inspiration or totally off?
I loooooved the movies! I watched them over and over all the time. The acting, costumes, music, effects, all of it was fantastic! The books were fantastic, too ofc.
4. Any particular race (Elf, Hobbit, Man...) you prefer cosplaying? Why?
Elf, I resemble them the most. Tall, pale, blond, sharp features. I love how pretty everything about them is. I've never had more fun planning a costume in my life, than I am with Legolas.
Good luck on your Legolas cosplay! ^^ You're from Florida, right? (I think I've seen you in the MegaCon threads on here before XD) Whenever you're finished with it, I would love to get pictures with you as Legolas with myself as Arwen!

Originally Posted by Suzie Blue View Post
kohaku- I was baffled when I discovered the paisley bands were hand-embroidered! While watching the documentaries on the Extended Ed. dvd I was like "WUT o.O" when they said that! Craaaaaaaazzyy stuff, man. lol I may cosplay Arwen one day, but I might have to wear heels! ^.^
WOW I didn't even know that! o___o That is totally insane, lol! And I also wear high heels when I cosplay Arwen.... I'm only 5'4, and Liv Tyler is much taller, so I have no choice. xD
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