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Originally Posted by SaskWhovian View Post
I made an omelette and it was actually edible and didn't fall apart in the frying pan!

What? For me this is a HUGE culinary accomplishment.
Kudos! I have never successfully executed an omelette.

Originally Posted by Miyabi- View Post
I'll be more than happy to share the recipes if any of that sounds yummy to you guys!
I love roasted red peppers in just about anything; please do share the recipe!

Originally Posted by The Hag View Post
And I'll repeat my question from a couple of posts back - what do I do with kale to make it edible?
Don't ask me: dark leafies and cruciferous vegetables are not my friends. If I ever used it I'd probably try shredding it and adding it raw to a coleslaw or something like that, but just thinking about cooked kale makes me kind of ill.

ETA: I picked up this cookbook on a whim today, and I've been skimming through it. Not gonna lie: I would straight up cook some of these recipes for us now, before the baby's even born.
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