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Don't ask me: dark leafies and cruciferous vegetables are not my friends. If I ever used it I'd probably try shredding it and adding it raw to a coleslaw or something like that, but just thinking about cooked kale makes me kind of ill.

ETA: I picked up this cookbook on a whim today, and I've been skimming through it. Not gonna lie: I would straight up cook some of these recipes for us now, before the baby's even born.
I love most dark leafies and cruciferousies, but kale has beaten me. Oddly enough, I made slaw to have with dinner tonight, but not with kale. It's basic cabbage and carrots, but I also shredded half of a Granny Smith apple for some natural sweet/tartness. Added just a little low-fat mayo and cider vinegar. It's not the most OMG awesome slaw ever, but it's not bad!

I never fed either of the kids bottled baby food. There is lots of stuff that is easy to boil/mash/freeze and use as needed. Digging back into my aged memory.....I did mashed potatoes, yams, bananas, beets, zucchini, warm cereal (oatmeal-ish stuff, but there's a special kind for babies). Maybe other stuff too that I've forgotten about. They both slurped everything right down. Boy-type got picky at around two years old. Girl-type still will eat any vegetable or fruit you put in front of her.
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So I blame you Hag. Stop being such a bitch. With... With your brain, n' shit.
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