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I imagine at some point, because I know myself and my propensity for not cooking if I can avoid it, our kids will eat food from a jar. Or a box. Or whatever these things are. I DON'T KNOW, IT LOOKS TASTY. I'd at least like to try, though, when I'm motivated enough, to feed them real and decent food I have made with my own hands (or with SV's hands, he can cook, too).

I've only tried one recipe from this book, since I am a fussy eater who doesn't get enough of her vegetables, and I admit it was pretty freaking delicious. It was a soup with pasta and turkey meatballs. I had to ignore that it's written by Seinfeld's wife and she makes it sound like OOH IT'S SO EASY when she doesn't have to, you know, go out and work 8 hours a day and whatnot, and all the patronizing tips from her barely-anonymous celebrity friends, but I'm willing to give the recipes themselves more of a chance. They're designed for older kids, of course, but in the meantime I can always taste test. Just in case.
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