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Sorry for the delay! Finally settled into the new apartment, and updated!

The 'C' section is giving me character limit drama again, so I wanted to run something by the regulars:

Admin stopped replying to my PMs months ago, me asking about the character limitless first-post we were promised last year. If anyone else wants to give him a prod I'd appreciate it, because I'm out of posts on the first page and things are going to get real aesthetically displeasing real soon.

Considering ways to handle it myself (outside of going back in time and reserving every post on the first page like I should have, doh) I thought about pulling every listing with only one review and copy-pasting them in my "Updated!" posts anew with each update. Would free up much needed first-page space and still keep them in the public eye without penalizing them for being lesser known. And then move them back once they get another review, of course.

Would love to hear if I'm missing a more obvious solution. Hate opening things up to more opportunities for human error, but gotta work with what's here.
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