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Special Tactics and Rescue Service (STARS)

I'd like to open the floor for discussion on all things STARS. Please only discuss STARS gear here, and feel free to post reference images and/or your STARS cosplay for feedback. I am working on a breakdown of each character, one at a time. I will list their gear, plus any other notes that seem useful. Please note I'm not doing your shopping for you. I'll explain what things are, and it's up to you to figure out how and where to get them.

Let's begin with a breakdown of the boss himself.

Albert Wesker
Alpha Team Captain

Wesker has a few specifics to his gear that a lot of cosplayers seem to struggle with. I'll try to cover each aspect of his costume in detail that isn't TL;DR, but I want to maintain some level of quality here so try not to get lost along the way.

First and foremost is Wesker's sunglasses. There isn't much to 'em. They're plain black, have somewhat rounded lenses, and are very dark. The closest models I've ever seen have been found at places like the .99 cent store. Seriously. Try to keep them simple. With these sunglasses, less is more. I recommend a metal frame, and no fancy crap.

Next up is his earpiece. It doesn't exist. Anybody who tells you otherwise is mistaken. It's close to some models, but there is no perfect model. You can get some good results by customizing one though. For mine, I took a simple headset from an old portable CD player, painted over the logo, and used a cut of black cable cord (the kind that hooks TV's into the cable outlet in your wall) and a mini microphone with the foam cover taken off. Does it function? Not at all. Does it look right? Absolutely.

Wesker wears a white t-shirt under his uniform shirt. I'd imagine it has a STARS patch on the left shoulder, but this tiny detail won't be seen unless you want to layer your costume. Any plain Hanes or similar cheap white t-shirt will work.

Wesker's uniform shirt is navy blue in color. A navy blue BDU shirt will work, or even just a navy blue button up dress shirt, but in actuality Wesker's shirt is probably a Police shirt like this one:

Keep in mind you won't really see the details unless, again, you're layering (i.e. want to look the part even without the vest.) There is a STARS patch on the left shoulder, one inch below the shoulder seam. The patch is black in the Resident Evil remake, but it's blue in both the original and in his STARS costume in Resident Evil 5. I suggest going with whatever your group is going with (assuming you have one.)

Wesker's vest is a M69 flak vest with no collar, and dyed gray. You may have some luck if you find a replica M69 vest, dye it, and cut off the collar, but it may save you time and money just to buy a replica or have one commissioned. Don't forget to put the white STARS lettering on the back!

Over Wesker's vest, he wears a black h-harness with a handcuff pouch, double pistol mag. pouch, and radio pouch, all of which are made of black nylon (or cordura). The pistol mag. pouches have buckles on them, and the radio pouch is open top with a snap closure. The pouches generally have to be jerry rigged into position with tape or by some similar means. The radio itself is probably an ICOM model of some sort, as you can see an orange screen on the front and it has a short but thick antenna.

Holding the h-harness in place is a 2" nylon web belt with a snap release parachute buckle. Wesker's is like the one here (the 5th one in the top row):

These buckles aren't easy to find, but you may get lucky in a military surplus store or by hunting around a lot on the internet. The belt is worn in the middle of the abdomen, a few inches above the bottom of the vest.

Wesker wears the standard issue STARS gloves, which are Hatch Reactor gloves:

It should be noted that these exact gloves are nearly impossible to find anymore. Most retailers now carry the new Hatch Reactor model, which looks a little bit different:

If this is an acceptable trade for you, then you're set. They're easy to find and not badly priced for the quality they are. (It should also be noted that he wears an entirely different pair in Resident Evil 5. I haven't yet identified them.

To make the gloves look right, you'll need to wear black wristbands like these McDavid ones, which I use and they work great (the logo scrapes off easily):

Wesker wears a wristwatch over his left wristband. Here is what his looks like up close and personal. This one is a rare Japanese replica that you probably couldn't find without offing somebody. However, it's simple enough in design to find something close.

From there, things get pretty simple. He wears a black nylon duty belt, probably 1.5" but 2" is both more common (thus easier to find) and more durable. He wears a generic "quick release" thigh holster with a single strap. The actual model does exist, but I've exceeded my alloted number of images, so just check some airsoft retailers and you'll find it. It'll have two straps, but just take off the bottom one and you're good to go.

He wears black BDU pants, which are bloused at the bottom using boot bands.

Lastly, he wears 8-hole duty belts (which are a hybrid of nylon and leather, MANY retailers carry these in various brands.)

That covers everything you need for a Wesker costume. I'll have another post later on his custom Samurai Edge.
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