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Preferred purchasing sites?

First off - I'm really sorry if this is in the wrong place! I looked through all of the subforums, and this seemed to be the most appropriate. Please let me know if there was a better place, sorry!
So, I'm cosplaying Yako Katsuragi, which is just a simply high school uniform (girl). I'm having a very hard time finding a v-neck sweater that matches the colors I've been looking for locally, and at this point I'm wondering if I should move on to looking online? That being said, I was wondering if anyone had any preferences when ordering stuff like this online? Perhaps a site with a good variety of colors, or good prices/shipping, etc.?
Here are two reference pictures:
This is the manga version, a very pale yellow. It would be a long sleeve sweater, however.
I would like to go with this version, to be honest. The pink is really hard to find locally, however. A better picture for the color:
I don't have much confidence in my sewing abilities yet either, so alterations are probably best left out...

I know this seems like a really simple and probably bothersome question, but I wanted to see if there was any specific sites I should shoot for... I rarely shop online, so I'm wary.

Thank you so much for any input you can give me! If there's anything I missed, please let me know! ; O ; I haven't posted much before this.
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