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Originally Posted by SaskWhovian View Post
Truthfully I have just started to really eat vegetables in the past year or so. Before it was just "Ew! No! It's not meat I'm not touching it!!!" >.>

But now.. nom. Specially things like this thing here.

I love spinach lasagna soooooooooooo much. Lasagna itself is one of my favourite pasta based dishes, but for some reason I like this a lot more then meat lasagna. So much more.
Don't know if this is your situation, but I think with a lot of folks in the US, they've never had vegetables that are prepared well. Canned vegetables? XP I think that frozen is o.k. for some things if you are putting them in a casserole (I'll use frozen corn or peas) but nothing is as good as fresh. I think that a lot of times vegetables are over cooked too. I like mine best when they still have a little crunch.

I also love veggie lasagna. Well, I love meat lasagna too.

Originally Posted by penny_dreadful View Post
Tonight we're having pita sandwiches with hummus, cucumber, tomato, red onion, more feta, greens, and Greek vinaigrette. It doesn't sound very fancy, but hey, at least we're not getting take out or fast food. Again.
Simple is good. Sounds tasty to me.
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So I blame you Hag. Stop being such a bitch. With... With your brain, n' shit.
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