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Definately Twilight Princess Zelda for Anime North, though I'm having trouble planning how to make her pauldrons, probably wire frame with painted leather like I did for a Glenn (Chrono Cross) cosplay years ago. That worked out rather well, unfortunately I don't have any pics from that, it was just a last minute Halloween costume when I had short hair and could still pull off crossplay.

Hopefully true form Midna, provided I can get wash out orange hair dye, since I'm going the whole weekend of AN. If anyone can suggest a good brand that's at least out in a few washes I'd be grateful. My hair's really long and naturally a tawny honey blonde colour, so I'm looking for something that won't dye permanently.

Possibly Robin Sena from from Witch Hunter Robin. My hair's nearly long enough to sit on, but if I braid it I can do her buns. All I'd need is enough gray and black fabric. If not Robin and Midna will be moved to another year.
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