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Originally Posted by Kelley View Post
Grimsley from Pokemon Black & White.

I was expecting the slash and gratuitous nudes, but what I ended up seeing down the line managed to cross my comfort zone into squick.

I guess it's good for me to get ooked out every once and a while. Reminds me that I'm still human.
What..? I've googled tons of images of him, and I've never see- oh my...

A-anyways, with that window x-ed out, I just finished a Ciel in Wonderland outfit, and am now planning Punk Ciel, and a Shin costume from Nana, both of which gives me an excuse to buy an incredibly expensive necklace that I refused myself to buy otherwise. I mean, Ciel's a rich bastard. He wouldn't walk around with a fake Vivienne Westwood...?
....on second thought maybe a replica wouldn't be too shabby.

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