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Dear cosplay,

I wish that you were some sort of magical thing where progress was magically done just by obsessing about you. Seriously, I spend so much mental energy thinking about you (well, mostly work, but a lot about you as well) the entire day that when I get home, I'm just too exhausted to actually work on you. Thus the days go by, and while I've exhausted myself mentally thinking about you, I haven't actually gotten any progress on you done at all. I wish I could just channel my mental power in such a way that thinking about you resulted in progress being done.

*Sigh* I'm honestly just considering buying my cosplay next time around. But then I won't get the proud achievement of actually wearing something that I made. Maybe I overestimated my sewing abilities. Maybe I'm just doomed. Either way, we don't have a very healthy relationship right now, and it's making me sad. I know that we just need to make it work for one more month, but what happens after that? What about the other cosplay that I've already started to collect materials for? Does that mean that I've already committed to doing this again, for another few months? I don't know.

*Sigh* Maybe we need to take a break for a while... maybe I need to take a mental break from you for a couple of days. Maybe over the weekend we can talk again.

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