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Name of Merchant: 1987csddlink
Website: JENNIFER CosPlay Costumes,Wigs (Ebay Store)
Item purchased: Organization XIII Jacket
Links to pictures of item: Will put a photo when I get one of it
Timeline: Ordered it early February...didn't even receive it until mid-April

Pros: The jacket is amazing. The materials used make the jacket look just like the ones from the game, they included gloves, and a chain for the jacket as well. The seller went out of his way to fix problems that occurred during the process. Seller doesn't charge for the custom-made option for their costumes.

Cons: ...Where do I start? I ordered my item early February (before the 9th). I was told I would receive an email when my item is finished and shipped out. It was supposed to be here mid-March. After receiving no email, I contacted them via email and no one ever responded to me. I finally decided to go check with their live chat people (which were VERY helpful...totally faster than email for sure). I was told it was being finished and going to be sent out next week. Next week finally arrived and no email. I contacted them again, and they said to me "Didn't you receive it yet?" That just troubled me. They couldn't find where it was, they couldn't find a tracking number that was supposed to be given to me, they never emailed me anything, and overall...this was making me frustrated. They told me "It will take time to find it, we'll give you an email tomorrow" .....5 days later and no email. Had to wait patiently for a live chat person only for them to tell me "Didn't you get the email?..Well your costume got lost somewhere." ........Yeah, lost. The only positive here is that they DID remake the whole costume right away and sent it EMS instead of regular shipping. The seller DID go out of his way to get me my costume after everything messed up, so I thank him for that. The lack of information though was frustrating.

Final Comments: A wonderful jacket that was worth the wait.

Final Grade: B+
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