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This is the story of my life when it comes to dealing with commissioners. Right now I am commissioning someone to make a Visas Marr costume and this was back in February and I gave a due date of May 1st well that is only a day away now and I have not heard back from her since February after I sent her my measurements and the first half of the payment. This is just really frustrating since I am excepted to have it by May 7th and for sure by May 13th going to Motor City Comic Con and I am a member of the 501st Legion. Not to mention I am already getting a lightsaber commissioned from a Legion member so without the costume it is kind of pointless. I have even gone as far as to find her deviant art page and send her a message on there since she has been uploading stuff on there recently. Sorry if this is a rant this is very frustrating for me since this is the second time something like this has happen to me when I have commissioned someone from this site.
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