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Originally Posted by Spazmodic View Post
SoulxMaka (soul eater) or SoulxBlackstar / SoulxKidd / KiddxBlackstar<- yaoi crack pairings
MikuxLuka (magnet ver.)
SebastianxGrell (kuroshitsuji) {this is more of a fancouple, Sebastian absolutley hates Grell in the show, but their is TONS of coupling in fanart}
AmuxPrince (Shugo Chara) {Prince has a real name, btw, but I can't remember it ;n; }
BarbiexKen (Had to throw it out there, even though you guys look nothing like them lol)
WoodyxBo Peep (Toy Story)
2DxMurdoc (Gorillaz)

I'd think of more but I'm having quite the brain fart
out of all of them i think i like kiddxblackstar the best xD

i'm going to edit my first post when i get home xD
.2014 cons.
Katsucon - Maybe
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