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Name of Commissioner:Cosplayying
Website/ gallery:
Character commissioned:Shuffle! Summer Uniform, included hat, shirt, bow, and skirt.
Picture: *LOT'S* more throughout review!
Timeline: I ordered it on April 4th, paid for it and sent my measurements in the same night, I got a response within 48 hours saying my costume would be started on. Just a note, the message was in clear English, it wasn't something fed through google translate. My costume was shipped on April 18th and arrived on April 23rd.

I'm just going to start by saying everything about this is amazingly, professionally made, despite the fitting issue, the seams are finished, and worth much more then the $70 I paid.

I finally got some money and was browsing around places for a good Shuffle! uniform, the best one appeared to be from hellocosplay- but after hearing a half dozen awful reviews about them I decided to turn elsewhere. Cosplayying provided the second best option- though I was really worried since half their stuff looks party store quality and like illfitting tents. But the reviews for them were really good, so I risked it.

The costume came in a thick brown envelope, once the package was opened the costume was sealed in a plastic. I was very pleased to see the costume was completely unwrinkled! The fabric is a substantially thick uniform cloth, the brown is thicker then the white for some reason, this isn't really a problem since the skirt is pleated and several layers thick, but if the entire top was white I would have to wear something underneath it.

The costume consists of Four pieces, the top/vest, skirt, bow, and hat. The original listing didn't mention including the hat, so that was a happy surprise despite the hat having serious issues. I'll talk about each item individually since I have quite a bit to say.

The skirt is spectacularly made, the pleats are very sharp and stay put- which is marvelous since I despise ironing. It has an invisible zipper that is about 7" in the back, and then a large *hidden* metal closure (similar to a bra closure...but larger and metal) it's very well sewn and stays put. The skirt fit's me PERFECTLY around the waist, but could also fit someone a good 5" larger then me due to about 6" of elastic put on each side. I thought this was a nice touch. The brown lines on the skirt are really well done, and aren't ribbon but strips cut and folded from the same brown material used for the shirt/vest. I really like this ^^

But of course- their is a problem The skirt is much to long, I DID send in the right measurement- and then they added 4 inches :s Luckily the waist band can easily be rolled to shorten it. It's just annoying. Sorry, shitty picture.


Ugh, this top is very, very strange. The vest and the sleeve/undershirt are all one, which I guess is a good way of doing it, but I wasn't really expecting it. The problem is the fit, for starters it's too short, which makes me sad, but I can deal it it. The bigger issue is it doesn't fit me right in the shoulders :s they didn't ask for a shoulder measurement-and I guess they decided to make it huge? :s I was practically crying about this at first- but I guess it looks *fine*...but I'm still upset about it. I ended up padding my bra, (lolXD) which helped a bit- but it's not a problem in the bust, it's a shoulder issue.

My biggest peeve are the sleeves...they just don't poof enough, are kinda see through, and inaccurate to the original design None of these were obvious in the stock pictures. ~sleeve picture~

The back has a working buckle so it's easily adjustable, the smallest setting fits me really nicely, but it could easily fit someone a good 4-5" larger then me. Since I am on the smallest setting it kinda looks weird in the back, their's a random "poof" which can kinda be seen here. Oh, random, but, the collar has stiffening in it

Bow & Hat

The hat was unexpected, the add mentioned nothing about the Summer uniform coming with a hat- and the hat is pretty pathetically horrible to be honest. It's supposed to be a beret, but isn't large enough to have ANY poof and is to small to fit on my head properly. But I don't plan on using it anyway, so that's OKAY.

The bow is just...bleh, i'm disappointed. It's not made the same way they are in Shuffle! which wouldn't be the biggest deal- but the bow is made of a WRONG (different then pictured in add) much brighter yellow, and in addition to that, it's satin! (Ew, shiny) the worst of it might be that they used a tiny safety pin to hold it onto the uniform. ~picture~

Final Comments:
I really don't think this was made specifically to the measurements I provided, and they were the right measurements! My mother took them twice, and she used to be a seamstress (thus knows how to measure people...)

Final Grade: B, I wish I could give them an A because I love this costume, but their is a lot wrong with the fit despite me giving them the proper measurements.

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