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Originally Posted by KnightShade007 View Post
Has anyone of you guys/gals had burgers called "Sliders?"

^ They're miniature cheeseburgers. Usually, restaurants sell you six with one meal. I need to totally makes some.
Sliders became super trendy in the last two or three years. I've had a couple, and mostly they haven't been bad, but I admit I still prefer a full-size burger. They're so trendy, in fact, that White Castle has recently taken to calling its notoriously weensy burgers sliders.

Some of our friends took us to a tiny place in NYC that sells pretty much nothing but sliders. One of the few other items on their menu is a "Guiness shake"-- a milkshake made with Guinness stout. Sounds nasty, but the stout pretty much makes it tastes like a grown-up malted shake.
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