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Costume-Con in Toronto 2014!

Breaking news from Costume-Con 29 in NJ:

It's official! The votes were counted, and it was announced last night that Toronto has won the bid to host Costume-Con 32 in 2014. I know it's three years away, but we want this to be the biggest and best Costume-Con in years!

Our cosplay community here in Canada is AMAZING (I'm always astounded by the stuff I see when judging) so I know we can really knock everybody's socks off. So start making your plans!

Here's a primer for what goes on at a Costume-Con:

- Sci-Fi/Fantasy Masquerade (the type of masquerade we're all used to)
- Historical Masquerade (can be serious recreations, or funny interpretations; last night there were no fewer than three separate "Baby Got Bustle" jokes with 1800s dresses)
- Future Fashion Folio/Show, where anybody can send in original designs, and those attending the con can make any design they wish and display them in a fashion show
- Single Pattern Contest, where 2-3 commercially available patterns are chosen and you use the pattern as a starting point to make anything you wish
- Doll contest both for doll costumes and handmade dolls
- dozens of panels and workshops on costuming
- dealer's room with costume supplies, patterns, accessories, beads etc.
- A Friday night themed party
- off-site tours and activities before and after the con
- meeting new friends who are just as crazy about costumes as you are!

We'll be working on getting a website up and running when we get home (I'm still at the hotel!) but spread the word! We had a fantastic reception at our Canadian-themed party last night and everyone here is really looking forward to come visit us in Toronto! I'm so excited!

Edit: The CC32 website is now up!

NEW GROUP DISCOUNT: Buy three, get one free! All four memberships must be submitted and paid for at the same time to be eligible; you can send in the forms by mail, or Paypal in one lump sum with everybody's information attached. Get your friends organized and start planning for awesome CC32 fun!
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