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Originally Posted by Ani_BEE View Post
I will definitely putting all my funds into that for that year. I'll be re-wearing costumes for everything else that year. lol

I've been putting Queen Isabella from The Fountain off, but know I can seriously do some fabric hunt for the harder to find textile for her (particularly the earthy upper sleeve flower pattern that has alluded me) and yeah the wig. O__o Unless I see something else that catches my eye like the Red Queen did (and promptly shoved Isabella to the side).

Considering I have one (and will only have one) BJ Doll I should strive to enter the Doll contest for costumes. Damn thing was expensive enough as much as I love her.

$65 is what FanExpo will be for a full 4 days probably at the door so I don't feel like it too out of the ball part. I'm curious as to where it will be held. I would love it to in the down town core so that we want walk the streets and "freak" people out. That's one of the things I do enjoy about FanExpo.
$65 for FanExpo??? You're talking basic passes right? it was $80 for THREE days deluxe... I'm picturing them jacking it up to at LEAST $90 if not $100 >.<

but this sounds really interesting... we'll talk and think about this over the next few years... how many days is it usually and when exactly?
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