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End-Of-Year Event 2011 Date had been announced!

BY : Team EOY
DATE : Saturday 17th December 2011
TIME : 10.00 am to 6.00pm
LOCATION : Republic Polytechnic
WEBSITE : EOY: Cosplay Event Singapore
TWITTER : EOY @Twitter
FACEBOOK : EOY | Facebook
MORE INFOS : EOY 2011 Cosplay Arts Event, Sat 17 December 2011


Event: EOY Cosplay Arts Event 2011
Date: Saturday, 17 December ’11
Time: 10 am – 6 pm
Venue: To be announced

Dear friends,
It’s the time of the year again! EOY 2011 will be held this year on Saturday, 17 December 2011. Venue and more details will be announced on a later date.

Recently, I had a lot of fun during J’Obsession and SOY’C cosplay event, and I made many new friends, and caught up with many of my old ones.

Even before I become the organizer of EOY, it was always an event that I look forward to, every year. Together with Vincent (now currently our designer), we always take many pictures of and with cosplayers, enjoy the stage performances and chit chat with all our friends. We really love EOY because it has this magical atmosphere of fun.

When I heard that EOY ’08 was the last, it was very saddening news for me. I had stage, sound and some business experience, so I thought… why not organize EOY? I went to look for the previous organizer then, and here we are again, 3 years later. Vincent and myself never once imagined that we would one day end up being the organizers.

EOY, to me, is like family and 2011 marks EOY’s 13th year. That is why for this year, we would like to celebrate EOY’s birthday together with you.

It has been a great blessing running EOY, and it has brought me much joy, many new friends and lots of new experiences. In a way, it added colour to my life and made it more interesting.

Now, some of you might be aware that Comic Fiesta, another cosplay convention in Malaysia, KL is to be held on 17-18 December this year, which is the same weekend that EOY is on.

We’re in close contact with CF, and both of us would prefer not to clash if it is within our power. However, December is a very packed period for events, and unfortunately, both of our venues do not have an alternative date for us. And even if there are alternative dates, there are many other events in Dec that either EOY/CF might clash with.

We have good working relationships with other event organizers such as AFA/STGCC/SOY/Street Festival/CF, and I periodically catch up with them. Just a few months ago, I managed to have lunch and tea with STGCC and AFA, to ensure that all our dates do not clash with one another. We all feel that it is important that we grow this community together.

Speaking of which, I’m heading up to KL in a few weeks time to discuss with Comic Fiesta how we would be able to soften the impact on our events. Like you, I personally very much want to attend CF ’11 as well!

I’m looking forward to EOY once again this year. Let’s come and celebrate together every year.

I pray that we will always be courageous to pursue what we love in life, may it be cosplay, music or even the arts. When I look at how passionate some of you all, it really inspires me.

Thank you for being a part of EOY, and for being part of my life, no matter how small it may seem to be.

Sometimes, it is the smallest things that make the biggest differences.

Meanwhile, please bookmark our website, add us on Facebook, as we will be releasing more news through those channels.

Chairman/Organizer, EOY

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