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TMI about Sports Tape Binding!

Warning: TMI follows on tape application for chest binding to achieve a "natural guy cleavage" look.

Advantages: a) NO tape down the middle front of your body at all. You can wear a shirt open to your waist if you want! b) No shoulder straps either, unlike a sport bra (Ace bandages eliminate shoulder straps, but still leave binding in the front of your body.)

Caveats: a) I bet this will only work for women size B or less. b) It is possible to lose skin from this method, even though sports tape is designed for use on skin. I did. if it happens to you, don't whine at me.

Tape: Assume a 2" wide piece of cloth Sports Tape about 6 inches long. Attach one end of the tape strip to the skin of the lower breast about 2" below the nipple, then apply the tape vertically upwards, pulling up as you go to try to get "lift" and "flatten". It will cover the nipple. Tape on nipples = shouldn't be a problem; nipples are pretty resilient (I nursed two kids; I know!) - this is not where I had problems. I lost some small bits of top-layer skin around the original attachment point on the lower breast area (when I removed the tape at the end of the day.)

If you feel this is too exposed you can attach additional strips in the same way to either side of the first one, which overlap it.

OK, that's your "anchor", and gives some lift. Then you run horizontal strips from one anchor around your back to the other anchor. This pulls your boobs outward, which automatically flattens the boob area on the chest side of the vertical strips. The boob area on the underarm side will be flattened by holding it in to your body with the tape.

You might want to alternate which side you start on each time to keep the tension even. Overlap of the strips is good, and make them only as tight as necessary to hold you in. Try not to let the tape get twisted or stuck to itself. When you have enough sround-the-back strips to flatten to the sides whatever bulging areas were left, you are done. You can put another vertical piece to cover the ends of the horizontal pieces if you like.

It didn't pop off me at all, not even when breathing in a lot or flexing, probably because I made sure my skin was clean and free of oils first. (Of course, that probably made it more susceptible to losing skin when I took it off. )

The tape runs pretty high under your arms, so if you're going for a loose-cut sleeveless look like I was, it helps to use liquid foundation to color the white tape under your arms to make it pretty unobtrusive. Cloth sports tape colors nicely with foundation.

When you take the tape off, remove it VEEEEEERY SLOOOOOOWLY and CAREFULLY. Baby oil may help.

OK; detailed enough for you?

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