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Originally posted by Mizuno Tenshi
Hun, you really need to try that medical tape... has anyone tried it yet?
Sports tape is often put on top of something called "Tuf-skin", which is a skin protectant. It helps the tape stick better.
For those girls who are nervous about their nipples getting pulled, would putting a bandaid over that area (soft, non-sticky part covering it) work? Just an idea.

BUT TRY THE MEDICAL TAPE! It's clear too, so shouldn't be insanely obvious.

I have bookmarked your tape site, but I also DID mention in a previous post that I may never be able to try tape (of any kind) again because it freaked my husband too much. - I mean SERIOUSLY freaked.

I would imagine if one uses the clear medical tape one has to put a piece of opaque tape over the nipple area, or something else opaque. There IS a nutso double standard that frowns on women's nipples being visible, and I doubt it would be relaxed for crossplayers...
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