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Rant: Comissioners Taking Money in Advance Without Beginning Costumes

Pissed off at commissioners in general.

When I pay you a 250 down payment in JANUARY and tell you my $500 costume is due in May. I am not paying you 5 months in advance to start the costume in May. I am paying you to start the costume AS SOON AS YOU CAN and take however long you need to finish it to my standards in the time allotted. If you can finish it in 3 weeks, awesome, give it to me in February. BUT STOP TAKING MY MONEY FOUR EFFING MONTHS IN ADVANCE AND THEN RUSHING MY PROJECT OUT THE DOOR THE LAST POSSIBLE MOMENT!!!!

If you aren't going to start my project until the 8 people who come to you AFTER me with nearer deadlines are through the door to maximize your profit, don't take my money so far in advance!!!! Because -I can't get it back after a month-.

Essentially this has become the default for commissioners here and it SUCKS. It sets everyone up to be ripped off, stressed out and disappointed no matter how early they started, how much they paid and how well they did their research.

I've now worked with five people... and only two have gotten me costumes on time. One of those was a rush job and partially incomplete.

I asked for all of these projects four to five MONTHS in advance, paid well over factory-rate, and got promised in-progress pictures only once. Give me a break!!!

-Begin projects when they are paid for, or don't take the money until you are ready to begin (or in the very least, purchase materials)-

I think I have been courteous and reasonable... but when someone is paying you to perform a service for them, that SERVICE matters nearly as much as recieving the product... especially if that service is meant to give you the peace of mind in knowing that that product will be delivered to you on-time in useable condition. Good service is not being shuffled to the back of the queue so people who have managed their time poorly can get their stuff on time while yours goes forgotten.

I do not mind joining a queue that has formed before me and waiting my turn. But that queue should not be jumpable for customers paying after I have unless I am asked ~first~ if it's cool.
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