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It's more a general complaint. I've been queue jumped a lot in my year of adventures with comissioning and it seems that no matter who I approach and how early I approach them, my costume is not begun until the last possible moment (and a good deal of complaining and chasing on my part).

loserific...? Yes. I'm anxious.

But also JD, cosplaymandy, and TeL... ie. ~all but 2 of the comissioners I've ever worked with~

4 out of 6 not answering emails regularly, delivering progress photos they'd promised or starting on a project until the last minute after being given an average of 3-4 months to work on it would seem to indicate this is a problem with more than just one commissioner.

I do not mind waiting in a line... but I would appreciate knowing where in that line I stand and that other customers aren't going to slip in ahead of me while I bite my nails over a deadline that the commissioner seems to have forgotten all about.
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