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BTW I have to brag on their customer service a bit. I just received a wig with a small defect (it happens rarely,no biggie) It wasn't anything that kept me from wearing the wig,but it would bother me in the long run.I wrote them about it and They responded immediately, apologized and dropped me another one in the mail today,after checking it for defects first of course, even before I can ship this one back. Now THAT's how you keep your customers happy. A+++++ I couldn't even imagine if this had happened with a Chinese wig company. Oh the nightmare of waiting 3 weeks for a wig only to have to send it back and then waiting another 3 weeks for the new one. XD

I have to say, I'll definitely continue ordering from them in the future. And don't let the idea of getting a dud wig from them deter you. If you order many wigs, it's only a matter of time before you'll get at least one with a small defect. I just hope your customer service experience is as good as mine when it does happen.
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