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Originally Posted by PsychoShinobi View Post
If you havent seen street fighter legacy, you should check it out...pretty legit looking ken and ryu. Heres the link to it:

Setting yourself apart from other ken and ryus that make their costumes in like 10 minutes is pretty easy, just hit the gym and get big/cut, you don't have to get too big just enough to give off the Ken vibe and for like a hadouken you could also walk around with one of those mixed blue/white balls for kids they sell at stores for $1
Thanks, fortunately the muscle shouldn't be too big a hurdle since I take Mixed Martial Arts instruction. Weight lifting is a required part of the training. Also, my trainer is also my roommate, he will never let me be lazy. Lol.

I've seen the SF Legacy videos, I love them and they were the first things I turned to when I considered cosplaying Ken.
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