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Originally Posted by sjxkhr View Post
Oh no. Now I'm thinking I should NEVER come to and ask anyone for commissions! It looks like almost all of them can't be trusted. :/

Seriously, I have had way better experience with Chinese commissioners. (For example, I commission them in February with a deadline in May, but the costume comes in March. ^^)

I've yet to find a single commissioner on this site who has good quality costumes for a reasonable price and gets them done on time. It seems to be that you either get a good quality costume for a crazy high price (which is great if you can afford it, but I can't), or a good quality costume for a reasonable price but it ends up really really late or doesn't come at all.

Yet when I commission chinese sites, and make sure I tell them exactly what I want, I seem to be able to get a really nice dress for about $100, months in advance 8|

I understand the prices are high with non-chinese commissioners because of the quality. I understand that. So if I pay that much, I expect something good. Something better than if I'd just paid someone in a chinese factory. And I expect it to be on time.
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