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Originally Posted by angelbabycakes View Post
I am finding this as well. It's interesting that there are a lot of the same commissioners, but a lot of different commissioners too. I honestly chalk it up to people wanting to start a business, but have NO business experience. Cosplay is about fun, but when you start providing a service to people, it becomes exactly that...a service. At this point, you're dealing with business type things. You provide a service, we pay for that service. If you cannot provide it, don't offer it. I've stopped commissioning months in advance because as the customers...we're screwed if we don't get our items. It's been a year on one of my prop commissioners...and I'm still waiting on props and a partial refund. A full YEAR. Really? There's no professionalism on this site when it comes to commissions it seems. It's fairly sad.
That's exactly how I feel. Business is about making promises to your customers, right? So if they agreed to make your cosplays, they SHOULD do it. Otherwise, like you said, they shouldn't offer it.

Wow. It's already been a year? Just what kind of business is that? -_-

Well, whatever. I sent an e-mail to loserific 2 days ago. If she doesn't respond within a week, I'm just going to go ahead and ask for a refund (and do what it takes to GET it). I can't take this anymore.
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