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Originally Posted by penny_dreadful View Post

Tuesday is pizza day. Tonight we're having takeout burritos and enchiladas. YAY SENSIBLE CHOICES.

TOO MUCH DELICIOUS FOODS. Being so picky, there's a lot I won't eat, but as far as different cuisines go, I find the flavors all interesting and exciting. I have a pretty high spice tolerance, so spicy cuisines are cool with me. I like trying new flavors from around the world, but I also like to be able to identify the contents. I confess that I'm also not as big into Asian cuisines as I might be; it just seems like I rarely find myself in the mood. Probably because they tend to be, you know, healthy. Oh, my greasy, fatty, sugary, deep-fried American palate.

Some of my extended family is Romanian, and at Easter someone brought "a traditional Romanian Easter dish", which seemed to be some kind of meat loaf or pate. Wanting to be polite, I tried a little slice. It wasn't... bad, I guess, but anytime someone asked what was in it the response was "Just try it. If you don't like it, you don't have to eat it." I tried really, really hard not to think about what it might have been and finished my slice. While I don't like a lot of vegetables, if I'm eating an unidentified vegetable I don't really care because it's just plants. If I'm eating a meat product, I prefer to know EXACTLY what animal(s) it comes from, EXACTLY what part of the animal is used, and EXACTLY how it's prepared. Really, I should just suck it up and become a vegetarian.
I'm pretty much willing to try almost anything once as long as I know what it is, because I do have some dietary restrictions, and I'd rather not get sick XD

I was actually a vegetarian for about four years, but I wasn't getting enough protein or iron in my diet and I was tired and sick all the time, so I started eating poultry and fish again. I don't really like pork, so I still don't eat it, and beef sits too heavily in my stomach. I don't digest it properly, so I don't eat that either. But even to this day, I prefer vegetarian dishes.
Except when it comes to Mexican. Throw a spicy chicken fajita, taco, or burrito at me, and I'll devour it XD
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