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Actually, all of the commissioners I've had this issue with had perfect feedback with the exception of TeL (who had 30+ positive reviews to show me in tagalog). Loserific still has a perfect review score and three of us right here have late items and no contact from her.

When it comes to bad deals, most people give the comissioner the benefit of the doubt and wait until some sort of resolution has been reached before leaving bad feedback (or they lose their leverage over that costumer). This means bad reviews take a LOT longer to show up than good ones.

Good research or not, you won't necesarily get the same treatment that earlier customers have gotten in the initial push to collect good feedback for a growing business.

I wouldn't go so far as to say "don't commission!" But I WOULD say, don't commission without a credit card payment that can be charged back before your deadline.

As for Chinese factories -- you get what you pay for. Period...
I'll use some. I won't use others.
But it is always much more satisfying, personally, to wear something knowing that wasn't made by unskilled workers locked in factory buildings making a dollar a day.

I would rather pay a comissioner $200 more and wait 3 months for the same costume with the knowledge that it won't fall apart after one wear, come out transparent or have hideous sequined trim or cheap lace that wasn't included on the preview photos. -But only if I get it on time.-
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