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Originally Posted by Yuki Eiri View Post
I'm going to have to agree with this. Do your research before getting a commission from someone! The commissioner review thread [and heck, this forum in general] is here for that reason, so that people are aware of who you should and should not take commissions from.
As been stated, even research is starting to fail. Sutie and Loserific and even cosplaymandy have good reviews. A few other commissioners do too -- perfect even, such as JD. Research all you want, but the majority of these reviews come up positive, yet customers are having issues with the commissioners with next to flawless ratings...and now, well now there are three or so people having problems. Hopefully, these commissioners aren't turning into scammers, but it sure looks that way (not all listed, please do not think that). I wouldn't stay completely away from commissioners here, in fact, I always commission here, however it becomes harder to rely on this site as a whole due to the supposed top notch commissioners and their sudden lack of delivering cosplays and keeping in contact. There are still great commissioners out there, no doubt. I think in general, the rant is saying that now it's difficult to know who to trust or commission from when so many commissioners whom have great reviews are now not meeting those expectations.
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