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Originally Posted by angelbabycakes View Post
As been stated, even research is starting to fail. Sutie and Loserific and even cosplaymandy have good reviews. A few other commissioners do too -- perfect even, such as JD. Research all you want, but the majority of these reviews come up positive, yet customers are having issues with the commissioners with next to flawless ratings...and now, well now there are three or so people having problems. *snip* I think in general, the rant is saying that now it's difficult to know who to trust or commission from when so many commissioners whom have great reviews are now not meeting those expectations.
I agree with this. I ordered from a trusted commissioner, twice. The first experience was great. The 2nd experience was not up to par with the first. While it was worked out through some effort on my part, it should not be the job of the person who requested a commission to hunt down the commissioner to get what they payed for. It goes to show you that this is an "at your own risk" business when in reality it shouldn't be.

I understand that these are human beings with lives and issues that are putting time an effort into making our requests... but there is a huge difference when that interferes with the business. Or if there is a severe issue, then it must be communicated and things can be dealt with from there.

I'm not saying this to stop people from commissioning, but I doubt I will do it again. I do think that this is a good warning for those that take commissions to take this more seriously.
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