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F + F Order Review/ Need your help!

Hi all!
I received my order from F + F. I ordered
http://www.fanplus (custom ordered in knee length)
and http://www.fanplus

I had both dresses custom made to my size, because I'm tall and long torsoed.

Ordering from them was pretty easy. I put in my order, emailed them with my measurements and special instructions and then waited. The site quotes 3-4 weeks of making time before shipping, and that's about how long it took. I contacted them after about 3.5 weeks to see about when they would be done, and they responded quickly with the answer. Shipping was super quick, I got my tracking number on Tuesday and the package came on Friday.
The dresses came folded nicely in pretty purple bags with the F+F logo on it, and were shipped together in one of those mailbags. Nothing seemed overly squished or super wrinkled, though the petti was a little crushed. I hung it upside down overnight and that seemed to help.


Both dresses shown below are worn with the Omnipotent petticoat, which is less poofy than I thought it would be, but it works. I ordered the 23"-37" waist size, since my waist is 28", but it's pretty tight and squeezes, so I wish I would've gotten the bigger size. I think I might replace the elastic in it.

The white and black unicorn jsk is pretty cute. The white fabric is a little thin and sheer, so if I were to wear it without a blouse but with a bolero, my skin tone shows through. The lace is really good quality and I really like the hairbow that came with it. The back bow two pieces of fabric that are attached with a single button on each side. This looks a little bit weird to me, because you get the rest of the fabric kind of just hanging over it. It looks a little awkward, and I haven't yet figured out how to fix it.

The custom fit mostly seems to have worked on this dress. I'm getting some weird bunching around the waist, I'm thinking maybe it's because of either a) I need to shorten the straps so that the bodice is pulled up more, or b) I'm wearing a shirt that has a lot of ruffles under it, so maybe it's getting a bit bunchy? Plus the petti sits right at my waist and digs in a little bit so maybe that's causing some of the issue (it's a bit tight, I should've ordered the larger size I think).

My fiance recently has gotten into photography and wanted to practice, so I put on the dresses and had him take some pictures. Please ignore my bad posing and odd looks on my face, I am ridiculously awkward in front of the camera. I paired the dress with my only white blouse. Does it go ok or do the ruffles compete too much?
You can really see the bunching in this picture.
Bow detail:
Unicorn detail:
Adorable doggie photobomb:

The red dress had some almost immediate issues. The most half-assed bow in the history of bows was attached to this dress. It wasn't even centered! Here's a pic before I took a seam ripper to it. . The other bow on the waist also had a stitch holding it in place, but it was placed wrong, so it was actually pulling the fabric down awkwardly. I took out that stitch, and it fell a lot more naturally, so I was much happier.

The red fabric is a little more orange-red than it looked in the picture, I was hoping for more of a maroon. That's one of those differences in monitors things, though, so it's no big deal.
The overall fit of the dress is ok, but not great. The sleeves are too big and the dress is a bit too short. The lace is good quality, way better than it shows on their website.


I think the weirdest thing is that I ordered 3 items with the same measurements (also got a non-lolita related jacked and shirt for a cosplay), and all 3 of them fit differently. The jacket I bought had sleeves that fit perfectly and the white dress was almost a little too long, while the sleeves on the red dress are too big and was almost too short. So, I guess it's something to keep in mind that the custom fit really depends on who makes the dress and can vary quite a bit.

Overall order review:
Ordering/Communication: 10/10
Shipping: 9/10
Quality/Fit: 7.5/10. That bow alone knocks off 2 points, lol.

Things I need your help with:
On the white dress, any suggestions on how can I eliminate some of that bunching at the bodice?
Does the blouse I have with the white dress work ok?
Any ideas on how to fix the waist bow that is connected with only one button? I didn't get a picture of it up close, sadly. When I get home from work, I'll try to grab a picture of it.
How do I tie a cute bow? Mine always look like really bad shoelace ties
On the red dress, does it look too short?
Should I tailor the sleeves, or do they look ok as is?

Any other suggestions/comments/coords are fully welcome! I'm a noob at this, and am definitely willing to accept any and all input.

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