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i'm sorry that you have to go through this.. i know how it feels!! it's absolutely horrible that these commissioners are taking money and not even starting their commissions..
i have had that, and now i'm pretty strict on progress pictures..
no progress pictures.. no money will be given.. (of course there will be exception..)

i've even had this payment plan.. by pay 1/3 at a time, 2nd of third will be due when i get the progress pics.. and lastly it will be when the commissioner is going to ship the costume to me..
of course, after certain incident, i've kinda left the community for a while.. loosing about more than half a thousand to the comissionner is pretty tough to deal with.. (problem is, the money is given by my parents! and i didn't get the $$$ myself.. )

this is my third time commissionin and i hope it ends well~ did i mention? my first time commissioning from was absolutely AMAZING!! though that person is not really a forummer over here in
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