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Me personally as a commissioner:

I open in January for the year. From there, people email me. I receive over a hundred emails a month (and honestly, I'm probably low-balling that number). I require a downpayment to secure a slot for commissioning. I then remove that calendar slot because it is taken for a commission. I'm able to track what commissions are set and ready to go and ones that were just an inquiry.

Because I'm a desired commissioner (I suppose), my calendar/slots will fill up fast. Right now, I'm booked until October. Yes, I have the downpayments and yes I have a schedule of when to start/finish commissions. The money stays in my PP account until it is needed. Usually materials, especially wigs, are bought on-line.

I know there are some jerks out there, but then there is someone like myself with good ratings and a system that works for myself and the costumer.
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