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Originally Posted by AnimatedPoison View Post
I kind of wonder if you realize how absurd this sounds. The universe is shoving Mexican food in your face because one or two people on a forum questioned you?
No, I mentioned my IRL experiences several times shoving it in my face. Like every single time my sister visits she makes us all go to a Mexican restaurant and won't let up about the fact I won't order anything. I love her but that drives me crazy. The people on this forum simply helped illustrate what I go through.
Being a picky eater is one thing, but this is kind of, you know, extreme saying you "hate" all of this stuff. People are most likely asking you to test your palate and give these things a chance because your tastes change as you age. If you don't like it, fine, you dislike it. But just as you want tolerance from other people about the things you don't like, you should be tolerant enough to give foods and other people's recommendations another chance.

When the first reaction is to get super defensive right away over something as trivial as food, then it becomes personal for people. Maybe it's the beans or the guacamole or the spices you don't like, but food is very personal and emotional for some people. When you're generalizing an entire culture's worth of food into the "hate" category based on select items, that's where the bristling begins.
I never said I hated Mexico, Mexicans, or Mexican culture. I simply hate their food. I really hate that people try to force me to like it. It's not like I ate these things years ago and went "never again." Mexican food is very common in the U.S. and sometimes I have no choice but to eat it because of pressure I get. I still hate all these things. I really don't care if other people like it, I don't and I don't like people pushing it on me.
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