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Originally Posted by Akiyhrah View Post
I love potatoes. The only way I don't eat them is scalloped, so skin or no skin, it's not a huge deal to me! Boil 'em, mash 'em, stick 'em in a stew, PO-TA-TOES are delicious.
I agree. It's pretty hard to ruin a potato. I always eat the baked potato skin and I don't mind skin on fries or in mashed. It's just not how I'm used to making them. I lol'd at that video. It's kind of amazing how many songs there are about potatoes on YouTube. It made me think of that Cab Calloway song about chicken.

Originally Posted by AnimatedPoison View Post
Personally, I prefer mashed potatoes to be skin-free, but if it's in there, nobody's going to die.
Well, unless they choked on it. Potato peels as safety issue?
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So I blame you Hag. Stop being such a bitch. With... With your brain, n' shit.
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