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Originally Posted by penny_dreadful View Post

It's just, you know, not the first time I've heard someone talking about Mexican food being too spicy, but-- so many cultures around the world feature chile peppers and other "hot" foods predominantly in their cuisine. No one ever really complains about them, with the exception of maybe Indian food-- also a serious misrepresentation, since there are a ton of delicious foods in Indian cuisine that are traditionally very mild. I wonder if it's the "spiciness" that people are really opposed to.
Their food is fine, it's me that's the issue. XD

I grew up without spices... I mean my mom had NO idea what garlic was until she met my dad. Polish people use butter as a spice. Needs more taste? BUTTER! You want heat? I PUT IN OVEN. My dad wasn't raised on anything remotely spicy either. He also hates garlic (and my mom now adores it...and so do I!)

I'm sure there is mild indian food besides those triangle things. Every time i'm told that though, i end up drowning myself in milk.

"...what... that's mild."
"MY THROAT HAS BURNED AWAY~~~" *flails arms about wildly*

...and what i don't like... IS THAT IT DOESN'T LOOK SPICY! It was all yellow and happy, looking so INNOCENT. When beneath that friendly exterior lurked danger to my soft esophagus! It should be red and have flames coming off it! Alas! Poor Kitty is subject to it's sneaky exterior!

...i'm such a pansy. People don't get the "i can't take spices" and translate to "i can take spices, but nothing that's extreme" for some reason. I AM WORKING ON IT THOUGH. Slowly... ever so slowly.

I went to a Thai place the other day. I had mango chicken. So good! My friend had spicy food. I tried it. (>O<) Hooooot~

Originally Posted by Kildread View Post
I'm just going to pretend not to get the Twilight reference out of a vague sense of repulsion and say that I actually sunburn pretty heavily.
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