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Originally Posted by alpha_helix View Post
I've got a ranking question too. I usually compete as a journeyman in regional cons and novice at costume con and such. In the historical masquerade at this past costume con they combined the novice and journeyman classes. I got an honorable mention ( listed as novice/journeyman class), so I'm not sure if I should count it as a journeyman award or...?
Each competition deals with different "levels" of awards differently. When I run competitions, we EXCLUDE Honorable Mention, Judges Awards, etc. when writing our guidelines. Not all do this. Also, I tell people that if they were "bumped up" a level because of something like not enough competitors or the judges felt they deserved a higher level, etc., then have the Cosplay Director/Coordinator write a letter explaining that you were competing as NOVICE, but were bumped up due to [fill in the blank reason]. This way if you compete anywhere else and there is question about that award, you have written documentation showing what happened and why you have an award from a higher level.
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