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Originally Posted by kuroi_shi View Post
I've got a question about the ranking system..
I have never entered a masquerade in the 10+ years i've been cosplaying.. But, I went to fashion school, and I work at a place that makes mascots. I've heard from a friend that because I work in a costume related business, I have to enter the master division, regardless of the fact that I've never even participated in a masquerade..
Is this true? .. I'd be super nervous to compete at the master level if I've never done it before..
The division is to protect those who do not have experience, awards are just one method of determining that. Working in the field is another.

I have a laurel in the SCA and were I to ever enter at CostumeCon (historical anyway) I would also automatically have to enter master, or rather not be able to enter novice or journeyman. lol! but would be a novice at D*C which is frankly ridiculous. I should not be competing against real novices. This should be saved for those with little experience. If I have those years of experience I should be able to compete with my peers not those who do not have that advantage.
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