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Originally Posted by MissTeliko View Post
My first cosplay is an OC.
I made the decision to cosplay an OC because I felt it would be less pressure for my first time cosplaying, and so far I've been really enjoying making my cosplay come to life.

So...yay? ^^:
yes yay! same here!
but it may not be "cosplay" persay if it's an OC....ppl debate it a lot,usually cosplay corrilates to someting specific in japanese culture, lately it's included american and then everyone misuses the term costume for cosplay for like everything. Not crapping on you, just what I've seen over time. I've never actually been able to call my getups cosplay if I make them up, I call them costumes or characters....but they're not Japanese particularly, yours may very well be! ^^
if you got down to it, making your OWN character could be the truest and MOST FREE form of "costume play" there ever could be. ... interesting you reminded me of things here.
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