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Originally Posted by SheAteMyHeart View Post
I hope it's alright if I poke my head in on this thread. I posted an ad on here for a cosplay and out of a bunch of responses I chose a user (who will remain un-named unless things get worse so I can warn people.) and she seemed really nice and was prompt with responding my questions. I paid the whole $145 upfront for my commission and she said she was going to get her fabric over the weekend. I left it at that and figured I'd message her in two weeks for an update. I did, and it's been 3 or 4 days since then and there's still been no response from her. I even checked her profile and she's been on multiple times since I sent the message.

Am I right to worry? Because I am. D8
Man, at least your commissioner has been online... I've had to track my commissioner's AIM and Deviantart, and I still get no responses.
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