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Originally Posted by Melmo Jenkins View Post
Hmm not to sure how long I've been into anime, I remeber watching anime like pokemon and cowboy bebop before i knew what anime was, so im not sure if that counts haha. Probly about 4-5years now for anime and only recently for cosplaying(1year). Some of my favorites are
Black Lagoon
Vampire Knight
The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Shikabane Hime
Romeo x Juliet

Almost anything really Not a fan of mecha though, or at least haven't found something i like from that genre.

What about you?
Yeah same.. well not Cowboy Bebop but Pokemon, Sailor Moon, etc when I was a kiddie.
Well I have only seen one of them; Pokemon. Lol.

Yeah i've never watched any mecha, but i can tell I would never be into it!
I really only started watching anime again (this time i knew what it was haha) like this year.. or the end of last year.
And i only started reading manga last year, and have also only read a bit of Naruto.

Well i like Naruto, Elfen Lied, Strawberry Panic, Pokemon, Sailor Moon, Mew Mew Power.. and all those other ones I watched when i was younger
But yeah!
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ANBU Naruto
Lucy - Elfen Lied
SNJ Neji
Gaara (Chunin) - Naruto
Alice - Resident Evil: Apocalypse (WIP)
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